14 love songs for every vibe this valentine’s day

it’s that time of year again and while i didn’t originally plan on posting any content related to valentine’s day, here we are. now, i wasn’t going to be participating in the valentine’s day content because i pretty genuinely believe that it’s a consumer-driven made-up holiday and didn’t want to perpetuate the idea that you need to buy things to show someone you care. HOWEVER, i do understand that people have all different types of love languages and there is something nice about setting aside a day to appreciate your loved ones, whichever way you choose to do that. so, upon waking up at approximately 4:17am, unable to sleep soundly, the idea to compile a list of some of my favorite love songs for all different types of situations popped into my groggy and dazed head. and would you LOOK at THAT, we ended up with exactly 14 songs. how fitting. happy valentine’s day kiddos!!!!

when you’re crushing but you know it won’t work 

this song is so dreamy and perfectly illustrates having a crush on someone who you know it’s not gonna work out with but ya go for it anyays bcuz that’s what the world is like. also bonus points for the horoscope references.

favorite lyrics: “and we’ll talk until morning hits the windshield / and paints yellow lines on the field”

when you need to be reassured 

you know you know that place where you’re pretty sure the person you like likes you back but like are you realllllllllyyyy sure??? this one’s all about giving the person you’re feeling for a little reassurance

favorite lyrics: “but baby, don’t you go over analyze / no need to theorize / i can put your doubts to rest”

when you’re falling and can’t get enough

a very sweet and very gentle tune for when you just can’t get close enough to the person you love and you wanna spend alllllllll your time with them. it feels a lot like the honeymoon phase a relationship.

favorite lyric: “never been a liar, baby, i’m a lilac and you are my sun / and every season i need you to keep glowing”

when you’re in loOooOOoVveEEEeE

ok so this one’s a little cliche but like this song just feels like being in love. it’s happy and warm and really makes me want to skip in a field of daisies. *cue the gushy, romantic montage now*

favorite lyric: “when everything’s perfect / please don’t change a single little thing for me”

when you’ve found the one

can’t say i know what this feels like but, i’d like to imagine it feels like this really nice, lovely song. it feels a little more authentic and understated than the previous one which seems like can only come from a solid, long-standing relationship.

favorite lyric: “walking home just to hear you say / ‘hey baby how’s your day?’ ”

when things are changing

a bop that reminds me very much of when things start to go a little sideways in your relationship. something isn’t quite right and you can just sense the breakup coming.

favorite lyrics: “there’s this image of you and i / and it goes dancing by in the morning and in the night time”

when the breakup is fresh

trying to drown the pain by distracting yourself with all the wrong things?? ya we’ve all been there. but i really like this one because i feel like the lyrics work on two different levels. talking about a loveless rebound while also undermining your last relationship? sounds exactly like the tormented and depressed tune you need post-breakup.

favorite lyric: “yeah you dance so good / and i think that’s kinda neat”

when love is lost and the monotony sets in

ok., i love this one because it touches on things that i don’t think a lot of other love songs do. in my opinion, one of the worst parts about losing love is just sinking back into your boring daily routine.

favorite lyric: “a couple years, a couple kids, a couple dad hats”

when you still aren’t over it

if things never worked out for kat stratford and patrick verona in 10 things i hate about you and she wrote a break-up song about it, this would be that song.

favorite lyric: “he claimed i was too close to stick but somehow i’m still stuck in it”

when you miss them

if you honestly thought i was going to make it through without putting a billie eilish song on this list, you were WRONG. anyways, as typical with her music, this song has such a breathy sound to it that just perfectly mimics a whispered longing for someone you use to love.

favorite lyric: ” could roses bloom again?”

when you ~finally~ realize you deserve the world 

i think this song is not only good for the category it’s in but also for like any time ever because it’s just so dang good. try not to jump around and dance, I DARE YOU.

favorite lyric: “boss up and change your life / you can have it all no sacrifice”

when it’s the unrequited type

whether trapped in an unsatisfying relationship or just hung up on someone who doesn’t return your feelings, this baby is a banger. such an upbeat bop for such a sad topic, amirite??? and although this song doesn’t really empathize with your current feelings, it does give you the advice you probably need to here.

favorite lyric: “it’s gettin’ pretty hard to make it / that’s all the time for me, and for you”

when you think you’ll end up alone 

ayyyyy don’t worry, you won’t end up alone. besides, there are always animals.

favorite lyric: “my momma set the bar so high / i won’t lie though you coming real close”

when you’re just working on that self-love 

and last but most certainly not least, a vibe for when you’re just working on ya self. silky and smooth her voice makes you just wanna curl up and hang out in your room doing your favorite things.

favorite lyrics: “you’re gonna find yourself somewhere, somehow”

with love,


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