4/7: the changing of the seasons

oh, sweet sweet spring, after much indecisiveness of mother nature, warm weather is upon us at least. and while the return of sunshine and blossoming life everywhere also means the return of the pollen floating through the air, on a determined mission to ruin my sinuses, i am so very grateful to not want to wrap myself up into a blanket burrito at every single second of the day. as with every time there is a changing of the season, it reminds me just how powerful nature really is.  there are so many lessons to be absorbed through the world if we would all just take our heads out of our screens for a few minutes and bother to listen. but lately, i have been listening. i’ve been making time to reflect on what the world is telling me about life as a whole and how i can directly apply that into my own, personal life.

and this spring, the world is reminding me that everything is in a perpetual state of change and the only thing that is certain is that nothing is certain. as a person, you are constantly in flux; evolving, changing, growing, every day based on every new experience you have. relationships expand and contract. new opportunities come and go. things you use to love, you have suddenly outgrown. and this spring, as with every spring, it is a time for renewal. a time that allows us to shed the weight of whatever was holding us back before and emerge a new soul. but also that it is a process. just like when caterpillars don’t transform into butterflies overnight. trust in the change. trust in the uncertainty. trust and rejoice that it is all changing and that whatever becomes will eventually be even more beautiful than before.




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