Oh hey, I didn’t see ya there. Whether intentionally or not, I’m absolutely delighted you’ve stumbled across this little sliver of the internet.

My name is Aubrey, I’m currently 22 years old and I’m passionate about finding my own, unique perspective through the course of my life experiences. I read somewhere recently that if you are consuming more than you are creating, you are doing it wrong. And that’s precisely what this blog is all about. I’m here, hoping to create a space which is entirely my own, free from the expectations and comparisons to others. A place that is a little piece of fashion, a dash of lifestyle, a pinch of DIY, and a tiny splash of traveling with a whole heck of a lot of self-discovery.

Now why would I be sharing my private, personal space with the internet? Well, I think that part of the beauty in creating something is having the ability to influence and inspire those who find meaning in the content. I believe that inspiration drives creation, so if we never shared anything, would we ever really be able to create? I don’t know, I really don’t have all the answers for ya.

But I have hope that maybe, eventually, this little blog will be able to connect a much larger community of individuals looking to empower one another to be themselves. Because people don’t fit into stereotypical boxes. And we should stop trying to make them.  We should be embracing the unique voice of everyone and all that they have to offer.