new year, new… scrunchies?

new year, new… scrunchies?

ahhh, it’s here! 2019! And just as with every new year, i spend a little bit of time reflecting on all the places the previous year took me and where i want to go in the upcoming year. i’m expecting 2019 to be one for the books which means that i have quite a list of things to do in the new year. but without divulging ALL of my personal aspirations for 2019, i will tell you that i am trying to learn to sew. i do happen to already own a sewing machine and i obviously love fashion so why should i NOT be learning to sew?????

but because i am 22 years old and am still relatively clueless about the proper way to use an iron, we’ll have to start with the very basics. so buckle up everyone, for the very first project… we’re making HAIR SCRUNCHIES!!!! why hair scrunchies?  because they seemed easy enough and i absolutely refuse to pay $15 for a pack of 3 hair scrunchies, 2 of which i don’t even like the print on them. SO, custom hair scrunchies here we come!!!

so as you may have guessed from above, i am most definitely underqualified to write a blog post instructing anyone how to be doing this. instead, i just followed the very lovely tutorial found here.  but i wanted to make this as easy as possible on myself. so for this post i will be following along with the tutorial linked above and giving you my lazy girl certified tips for each step.


tools and supplies for making a scrunchie

  • 1/8 yard of fabric – instead of doing this i just used fabric quarters. fabric quarters are really just little squares of fabric that you can buy at fabric stores. you can usually find them in a bunch of different patterns and colors and sometimes they sell little bundles of mixes.
  • 1/4″ wide elastic – yeah, just get some elastic. 1/4″ works but so does 3/8″ if you happen to already have this.
  • rotary cutter, cutting mat, and ruler – i used plain old scissors. you still need some sort of measuring tool though.
  • straight pins – i absolutely did not have the patience to pin all of these things.
  • sewing machine – really????
  • matching thread – so apparently there are like five different types of thread in the world. you really just need the plain old basic stuff. i believe it is called “all purpose” thread so look out for that.
  • large safety pin – because i live my life on the wild side, i did not do this. it did, in fact, bite me in the a** a couple times though so maybe you should.
  • loop turner – this was not mentioned in the original post but i bought one for $2.57 at good ole walmart and it did drastically improve my experience. but anything that is long and skinny will probably work here.

cut and press the pieces

okay so now, i opted out of doing the additional hair tie in the tutorial. i just wanted plain scrunchies and this seemed like it was maybe a step above my current abilities.

also to make things easy, i decided that because each of my fabric quarters was roughly the same length, i was only going to measure and cut for width.  so i measured 3″ strips, marked them with a fabric marker and then cut as many as i could get out of my fabric quarter, which ended up being a total of 6 per fabric quarter.  i went with the recommended 3″ strips but if i did these again i would probably experiment with going wider to get a floofier scrunchie in the end.

for cutting the elastic on the scrunchie, i found that 8″ was a little big for me so i wrapped the elastic around my wrist to find a length that i wanted.  mine were roughly 7″ but obviously this will vary depending on your wrist size and general preference.

after cutting both the fabric and the elastic, it’s time to press the seams.  as mentioned previously i am not overly confident in my ironing abilities so i did what you call a “finger press”.  it’s pretty much exactly like it sounds. you just take your little fingernail and crease the fabric like you would if you were trying to cut a piece of paper into two without scissors. hopefully, that made some sort of sense.

sew the main scrunchie tube

um yeah, there is really no getting around the actual sewing. i tried really hard not to mess up here but sometimes sewing in a straight line is harder than it looks. if you messed up too don’t worry because honestly, you can’t really tell in the end!!!

turn the scrunchie right side out

i won’t even try and sugar coat it. this was by far the hardest part. i struggled to understand what exactly i was supposed to be doing here and luckily my mom, a sewing wizard, showed me what’s up. to be fair though, this is incredibly difficult to explain in words so i’ll just drop this youtube video link here. the only difference between this video and our project is that you want to make sure you keep a little bit of the elastic hanging out.

i would recommend doing the safety pin thing. had i done it, it would have saved me quite a few distressed sighs and extra time spent correcting my mistakes.

attach elastic ends together

i would recommend that you make sure your elastic hasn’t twisted in the tube before sewing the elastic ends together because on more than one occasion i realized it was twisted after the fact. again, you can’t really tell but just knowing that little elastic piece was all twisted up underneath was bothersome enough for me to break out the seam ripper.

close the gap to cover the elastic

AGAIN, this turned out to be relatively difficult!!! my sewing machine was not having it trying to sew over all this thickness. if you are also having difficulties, lift the foot up on the sewing machine. under no circumstances aggressively push the fabric. you will break your sewing needle. i would know.

enjoy your finished hair scrunchie

And with that, BOOM you are done. feel free to be completely over the top and take an entire photo shoot with your new hair scrunchies just as i did.

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final thoughts

so all in all, it wasn’t really that painful. and MAN what a budget saver! my total costs for this project ended up to be about $30 for 48 hair scrunchies. Y’ALL THAT IS 62 CENTS PER SCRUNCHIE!!!!! 10/10 would recommend this project and let me know in the comments which one of the scrunchies is your favorite!

with love,